Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CJC ~ Souvenir of Paris ~ fini !!! ~~

Here is my first Crazy January Challenge finish, "Souvenir of Paris" from the Joyeux Noel book by BBD.
Stitched on Lucky Penny by R&R Reproductions with GA's Blackboard 7051 for La Tour Eiffel and DMC 471, 3051, 816 & 3865 for the rest.
I absolutely love this cute little design and think I will make another one with a few modifications suitable to display year-round!   This one is supposed to be finished into a stocking....and....my sewing machine still doesn't like me very much....so I'm not sure what to do about that.  The design is so cute, I may send it out to be professionally done.  I've never sewn a stocking before and usually don't have much luck with curves.....straight lines are more my thing.  But we'll see.  For now it's just going in the to-be-finished-finished pile while I pick up another of my challenge pieces. 

Isabeau, my little repro Bleuette loves this piece of stitchery even more than I do....seems it reminds her of home and a little boating party....
I don't know if I'll get much stitching done tonight.  I have treated myself to "Unstoppable" which just came out on DVD today, and then "White Collar" is on at 10:00.  With all those handsome gentleman on the screen, I'm not sure I'll be able to give my stitching the proper attention!  But I'll try!  (Maybe!) Stay tuned...
UPDATE:  No "White Collar" tonight due to the Westminster Dog Show.  Good thing I love dogs!

Monday, February 7, 2011

1 side of Quaker Heart finished and A Hobnail Milk Glass Pincushion

Thanks to a horrible head cold and flakey barometric pressure that combined to trigger a day and a half long migraine, I have not been very productive the past few days.  Once the headache went away, I did manage to finish one side of my Quaker Heart.  And I turned a piece of my Great Aunt's hobnail milk glass into a pretty little pincushion! 
When we lost our wonderful Auntie Wanda, I asked for the little hobnail milk glass set that she had in her dining room to remember her by. It consisted of a small ruffled pedestal bowl and two little votive candle holders.  What I got was a small ruffled pedestal bowl and ONE little votive candle holder.  (You'd have to know my mother to understand ~~ "Oh, was there another piece??")  
It has always driven me crazy to have this odd configuration.  Then one day I was looking at pincushions made from teacups and I thought "Hey!"  So I bought a piece of blue velvet and turned the odd little votive candleholder into a sweet little pincushion. 
Now the little piece of milk glass isn't part of an incomplete set sitting in the cupboard.  It's a useful and very special treasure all of its own.  Great Aunt Wanda was a fun and crafty lady herself, and I hope she would approve.