Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chatrouille Fini and two teeny tiny dollshouse WIPs

Another finish!  Woohoo!!!  Haha, I still don't see how I will finish the 15 projects I started this year, but I'll keep trying!    Here is "Chatrouille"

the free chart can be found here:

Stitched on 28 count evenweave with DMC 310, 4126 & 4045
I'm not sure how I want to finish it yet....I found a great idea here on bagladyinstitches blog http://bagladyinstitches.wordpress.com/category/crazy-january-challenge-2011/

She charted a great "BOO" design for the back.  It means a bit more stitching, but it's awfully cute!  I strayed from the original threads and used variegated orange and green and used the variegated orange insted of black for the lettering.  Now I wish I had done it as the chart suggested, but I'm not going to re-stitch, so I will have to live with this version.  Maybe when I finish-finish it, I'll like it more.
Julia left a lovely comment about my dollshouse and it got me to pulling out my mini needlework WIPs.

Here is the progress to date on my Art Nouveau Bellpull.  It's being stitched over 1 on 32 count silk gauze. This beautiful kit came from Janet Granger.  When finished it will measure 4.5 by .5 inches ~ I can't work on this when I'm tired!

You can see what it will look like when it's finished here on Janet's website:

My "Bless This House" mini sampler from Janet Granger is almost done.  Just a bit of back-stitching left:
Bless This House stitched over 1 on 28 count evenweave
Just so you know, I hate backstitching on mini projects even more than full-sized!    But isn't it sweet as can be??

While I was digging though my mini stash, I came upon this micro mini project I made last summer:

Sorry for the glare of the flash.  I tried taking it in full sun, but it was too shadowy and dark without the flash.  Wish I could say I made the lace in this teeny purple parlor, but alas, I did not.  Maybe next time!

Happy Stitching!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CJC ~ Souvenir of Paris ~ fini !!! ~~

Here is my first Crazy January Challenge finish, "Souvenir of Paris" from the Joyeux Noel book by BBD.
Stitched on Lucky Penny by R&R Reproductions with GA's Blackboard 7051 for La Tour Eiffel and DMC 471, 3051, 816 & 3865 for the rest.
I absolutely love this cute little design and think I will make another one with a few modifications suitable to display year-round!   This one is supposed to be finished into a stocking....and....my sewing machine still doesn't like me very much....so I'm not sure what to do about that.  The design is so cute, I may send it out to be professionally done.  I've never sewn a stocking before and usually don't have much luck with curves.....straight lines are more my thing.  But we'll see.  For now it's just going in the to-be-finished-finished pile while I pick up another of my challenge pieces. 

Isabeau, my little repro Bleuette loves this piece of stitchery even more than I do....seems it reminds her of home and a little boating party....
I don't know if I'll get much stitching done tonight.  I have treated myself to "Unstoppable" which just came out on DVD today, and then "White Collar" is on at 10:00.  With all those handsome gentleman on the screen, I'm not sure I'll be able to give my stitching the proper attention!  But I'll try!  (Maybe!) Stay tuned...
UPDATE:  No "White Collar" tonight due to the Westminster Dog Show.  Good thing I love dogs!

Monday, February 7, 2011

1 side of Quaker Heart finished and A Hobnail Milk Glass Pincushion

Thanks to a horrible head cold and flakey barometric pressure that combined to trigger a day and a half long migraine, I have not been very productive the past few days.  Once the headache went away, I did manage to finish one side of my Quaker Heart.  And I turned a piece of my Great Aunt's hobnail milk glass into a pretty little pincushion! 
When we lost our wonderful Auntie Wanda, I asked for the little hobnail milk glass set that she had in her dining room to remember her by. It consisted of a small ruffled pedestal bowl and two little votive candle holders.  What I got was a small ruffled pedestal bowl and ONE little votive candle holder.  (You'd have to know my mother to understand ~~ "Oh, was there another piece??")  
It has always driven me crazy to have this odd configuration.  Then one day I was looking at pincushions made from teacups and I thought "Hey!"  So I bought a piece of blue velvet and turned the odd little votive candleholder into a sweet little pincushion. 
Now the little piece of milk glass isn't part of an incomplete set sitting in the cupboard.  It's a useful and very special treasure all of its own.  Great Aunt Wanda was a fun and crafty lady herself, and I hope she would approve. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


Here is the first look at my ORTs from 2011. 

I joined Daffycat's TUSAL and am duly posting the pic of my ORTs by the first deadline of Jan 4th.  Before you get any ideas about me, you should know that I hate beer. But this huge, heavy glass was only $1 at the dollar store and with the handy-dandy handle I can easily pick it up and take if from room to room with me and my stitching!