Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An Ornie Finish!!!

YAY!   I have finished the cross-stitch ornie I am making for my friend Barbara in England.  She collects vintage Sindy dolls -- sort of a British Barbie -- so I added "Elf Sindy" to the cute little chart I received as a gift from The Sampler Girl (free with an order during the fab "Black Friday" sale).  I also changed the beautiful colors that were recommended to use some Christmassy colors I had on hand.  Time is of the essence this time of year!   I messed up the hair a little was 3 AM and I was too tired to frog I just went with it.

Sorry for the blurry camera battery needed to be charged and I had to use my cell phone to grab the shots before I sent the ornie off to Merry Olde England.

 I actually started stitching another pattern for Barbara, but when I received this adorable little elf pattern, I just had to go with it!  I hope she likes it!  (I haven't given her the link to this blog yet, so the secret is safe!)  I have never finished an ornament before and this method wasn't too difficult but I can't say I did a professional job.  You definitely wouldn't want to pull the two pieces apart and look inside....lots and LOTS of glue.  (I LOVE Tacky Glue.  It's my best friend!)  It doesn't look too awful, but I hope it doesn't fall apart on its' way across the pond.  Sorry Baps!  I'll do better next time!!!

I found a really great website with awesome finishing tutorials:

I wanted to do Elf Sindy as a pillow ornament, but I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine (I think it knows I'm afraid of it) and I just didn't have the time to chance it on this one.  But I definitely will try Anne's instructions when I have a little more time to set up the machine.  I have a few ornaments lined up to stitch for the Crazy January Challenge and I plan to "finish" them myself.  Ha ha, yet another goal for 2011 ~~~!!!



  1. Hi there Sheri another stitching Janeite whoo hoo.Love the elf ornie ,and thanks for the comment on my blog. Nice to meet you.
    If you could see me when I am finishing things well ...perhaps not a good idea the times I think things won't do ,we are all like it sweetie and yours looks fine to me.
    What a sweet little woofit, my big woofit who is a golden retreiver but retreive he does NOT! or if he does he wont give ,loves his toys too .
    DARN is that another Barb that is getting the elf! no cannot be me I dont collect Sindys lol.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours.Barb

  2. What a cute ornie! I'm glad to see someone else has problems with sewing machines. They hate me and I'm not too fond of them either.

    Good luck with the Crazy 2011 Challenge.