Friday, December 3, 2010

Needlework in Miniature

I have finished a couple of mini needlework items for my dollshouse (WIPs abound!)..... The inhabitants are thrilled and are preparing for the Holidays.  Shall we take a little tour?

 Oh, hello there!   It's sweet little Mattie... 

....and her cute little dog, Dickens! 

Wonder what's going on inside?
  Looks like fun!

Mmm,do I smell cookies baking???

I do!  Cook is making gingerbread cookies!   Hey, there's only two left....where'd they all go?!

Cook, did you "taste-test" the cookies while you were baking again ???! 

Hmmm, looks a little serious in this room...

Oh, they're only just anxiously politely waiting for the hosts to serve the wine....
Someone's left their beer on the piano, and Mr. Pinkerton-Spice is ready to have a taste!  Mrs. Pinkerton-Spice must have already gotten into the wine at home before she left because she is dressed for the wrong season!  Nice and rosy-toasty then are we, Mrs. P-S.?

Wonder what our hosts are up to....
Uh, oh, The Mister is getting an earful for forgetting to remove his hat immediately upon entering the house.....tsk, tsk.....Well, really, the poor fellow just came home after a long day and he made a straight bee-line for the Gluhwein, can you blame the poor chap???

I mean what's a fellow to do with a house full of family for a fortnight?!

Speaking of which.....the children are being awfully quiet....
Oh, aren't they perfect angels?  Roddy and Ruth are keeping Baby Eleanor company in her Nursery.   And they've only made a little bit of a  mess with the books on the floor...not too bad yet!  Be careful you don't ruin that lovely hand-made blankie kids....the nice lady who made it for you has sworn to never crochet anything that tiny and intricate again! 

But where is sweet little Elspeth?

Here she is!!!  The little doll (tee hee) is sitting quietly on the bed with the sweet tiny hand-embroidered sheet.  She's still quite cold from the buggy ride over and she's not moving until she gets the call for some Gingerbread Cookies!!!!

All this talk about cookies as made me hungry!  I'm headed to my own kitchen to make some of The Barefoot Contessa's Ultimate Ginger Cookies!  Click on the link below for the recipe!!! 
Happy Baking!!!


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